Asking questions, bringing balance, confronting predjudice

Document Downloads

reports_coversMost of our publications and website articles, as well as some produced by others, are available here as free pdf downloads. Please observe any copyright restrictions. Where no copyright is specifically mentioned, copyright is Christian Middle East Watch Ltd.
Larger files may take longer to load – please be patient!




PDFs of printed publications
“Recycling Veolia” full report CMEW/UKLFI 4.8mb
Introducing Christian Middle East Watch CMEW 10.2mb
Legitimate or Not? Roy Thurley
Palestinian Incitement and Hate Education
CMEW 10.2mb
BDS: A Christian Perspective CMEW 983kb
Main Website Articles
The Delegitimisers Kathy Durkin 338kb
The BDS Campaign Against Israel Chris Moxon 495kb
Israel’s Achievements and Values Russell Bowles 278kb
Other Publications
PA Funding and Glorification of Terrorists (09/11) Itamar Marcus 490kb
Legal Opinion on Dangers of Palestinian Statehood (08/11) Ma’an News Agency 247kb
UN Palmer Report on the Mavi Marmara Incident (07/11) UN 1mb

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