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BBC’s Knell turns planned mixed Jerusalem neighbourhood into ‘Jewish settlement’

October 19, 2014

BBC’s Knell turns planned mixed Jerusalem neighbourhood into ‘Jewish settlement’. Advertisements

A month to go but peace talks have been dead from the start

Like two naughty school boys, Bibi Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas were called to the Head Master’s study in Washington for a stern talking to over the sat two weeks. No doubt both were told “could do better”, but their respective reactions to The “framework” presented to them will surely have left the gap between the… Read More ›

Kerry’s Framework – America’s swansong in Middle East interference?

Seldom has such great pressure been applied by so many interfering nations to such a parochial issue! Not only has John Kerry just been in Israel AGAIN to push his Plan B framework document on both the Israelis and Palestinians, but rumour has it David Cameron and Angela Merkel will be following hot on his… Read More ›

Terror Leader’s Daughter: Time to Stop the Lies Against the Jews

By David Lazarus (reproduced unaltered with permission from Israel Today Magazine, Jerusalem) Nonie Darwish is the daughter of Mustafa Hafez, former head of intelligence in Gaza when Egypt was in control of the coastal enclave. During this time, Hafez founded the Fedayeen, the original terrorist group that launched raids across Israel’s southern border between 1951… Read More ›

10 Misconceptions Preventing Peace

This is a brilliant and so true video by the Jerusalem Institute for Justice – released coincidentally during President Obama’s visit to Israel!

Family protesting on behalf of an Islamic Jihad prisoner

Why does the British Government ignore the bad things the PA does?

It seems that the whole world knows about and acknowledges that the leaders of the Palestinian Arabs do and say some very bad things. They claim they want peace with Israel while telling their people to hate Jews and glorify terrorists; they clamour for the release of convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons while paying them… Read More ›

Israeli Government Report on PA Incitement

The cabinet of Bibi Netanyahu was recently (Dec 2nd) presented with a detailed report on PA incitement against Israel and Israelis in the form of a Powerpoint presentation. This was released and we are pleased to be able to show it to you here. It demonstrates that the PA as an official policy is teaching… Read More ›

So what’s true and what’s a myth in the new “Palestine” reality?

So the dust is beginning to settle on the UN vote to give a non-existent state the status of a state (if you get me). Maybe this is a good time to work out what is myth and what is reality in the new “peace paradigm” that the UN has created. Let’s make no mistake… Read More ›

old stamp

Don’t you just love it? New Israeli Passport stamp for “Judea and Samaria”!

As exposed by one of the most virulently anti-Israel groups out there… Within the last couple of days, Israel appears to have changed their passport entry stamp for people entering the “West Bank”. Under Oslo, the entry stamp says that the person is restricted to “Palestinian Authority Only”. The entry stamp now apparently says, “Judea… Read More ›

Three days this week to kill the peace process

This week, in the space of three days, the chances of a two-state peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians have drifted apart to an extent that may well prove unredeemable. Last night (Tuesday 27th), the Likud party primaries in Israel moved the party firmly in a right-ward (ie non-two-state) direction, epitomised by the long-awaited… Read More ›