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Islamic State reaches Jerusalem!

June 27, 2015

News stories were breaking this week that a group linked to Islamic State (IS) had begun distributing anti-Christian leaflets in the east of Jerusalem. I have been sent a copy of the original leaflet and an English translation by a local man from Jerusalem. Here is the translation… “Our people, Muslims, we salute your resistance… Read More ›

Visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land

The visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories by Pope Francis this weekend was historic for many reasons. Sadly some of them are negative. Francis, the Roman Catholic Church’s first non-European Pope for over 1,200 years, has shown himself to be a truly humble and spiritual man. From his refusal to start his “reign” in… Read More ›

A hopefully brighter future for Egypt’s Christians

Egypt’s Coptic Christians have born the brunt of enraged persecution by Muslim Brotherhood supporters and others in Egypt, especially since that country’s “Arab Spring” in January 2011. over last weekend, Egypt’s people voted for a revised constitution that seeks to undo a lot of the harm done by President Morsi’s Islamist-slanted version, also voted in… Read More ›

Christmas peace and joy in Bethlehem

Demonstrations in Kiev, riots in Bangkok and a “month of horror for Christians under Islam” according to a recent Gatestone Institute article, but something has caused a brief moment of light relief for both Christians and Muslims in Bethlehem; switching on the Christmas lights! Since 1993, when the Oslo Accords put Bethlehem under Muslim municipal… Read More ›

Just so you know what to boycott – or buycott!

The latest (August) monthly 40+ item list of achievements and progress coming out of Israel. Thanks to ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Israelis beat the flu virus.  (Thanks to Israel21c)  Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that flu viruses (including deadly strains) use the protein neuraminidase to disable the body’s natural killer (NK) cells. … Read More ›

Christian NGOs and Israel

A few days ago, the Commentator published an article by me (text below) on the reasons why so many Christian organisations working in the Middle East are hostile towards Israel. There are a good number of excellent pro-Israel organisations, who seek to serve both sides of the divide in Israel and who successfully keep a non-political stance…. Read More ›

Is the PA collapsing in on itself?

Fatah loses out in West Bank elections; thousands of Jerusalem Arabs want to be Israeli citizens and Palestinians would rather spend their money (and earn it) on Israel’s side of the security barrier! Are we seeing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority along with the two-state solution it was supposed to be promoting? On October… Read More ›

Screen Grab from Aqsa TV

“Apartheid Israel”? Look what’s happening to Christians in Apartheid Gaza!

Israel’s detractors cling on to the easily disproved accusation that Israel exercises policies of apartheid against her Arab population. Right next door to Israel, however, something worse than apartheid is taking place. A religious apartheid persecution of Christians by Arab towards Arab has been unfolding in Gaza that should be causing outcries from all the… Read More ›

Israel and Palestinian Christians

A few weeks ago, a section of the Palestinian church sponsored a controversial conference, “Christ at the Checkpoint” (see our post here). Last week, CBS News aired one of their “60 Minutes” segments on “Christians in the Holy Land“. Both these public events highlight some important issues in the relationship between Palestinian Christians, the Muslims… Read More ›

“We have been left, and we have nothing” – the plight of Iraqi Christians with the Americans gone!

I am publishing below in full a news article that illustrates the plight of minorities in the Middle East, particularly Christians. As the American forces pulled out of Iraq recently, they proclaimed that they were leaving behind a stable democratic state. The reality is far from that as Iraq implodes into even worse sectarian violence…. Read More ›