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CMEW site will close

January 5, 2018

Christian Middle East Watch started from a desire to influence the media in Britain away from the common anti-Israel bias we so often see. Unfortunately, we were unable over several years to obtain sufficient people or finances to grow and become more influencial. As a result, the founders found that they just could not handle… Read More ›

British Christians and the Atlit detention camp, Israel

Unknown to many, the British Mandate administration of Palestine between 1922 and 1948 built a detention camp in which to house illegal Jewish immigrants. in 2006 a coalition of British Christian organisations supportive of Israel was responsible for erecting a memorial to illegal Jewish refugees who perished trying to reach the “Promised Land” before Israel’s… Read More ›

Israel’s response to UN Gaza report

Watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spirited answer to the UNHCR’s biased report on Israel’s conflict with Hamas last year…

Follow up – Stephen Sizer “temporarily unavailable”!

So says the website of Rev Stephen Sizer, whose bishop states that his “strong but undisciplined commitment to an anti-zionist agenda has become a liability to his own ministry and that of the wider church.” His sins have led finally to him being severely disciplined by his own church. Rev Sizer has been in hot… Read More ›

A Christian at Auschwitz

A week after the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we publish this guest blog post by Howard Stern of Emmaus Group. My first view of snow-covered Poland was out of the plane window on its descent into Krakow airport. A cold white landscape hid what lay beneath the fields and woods surrounding Auschwitz-Birkenau:… Read More ›

The ignorant bigotry of Palestine “supporters” in Britain

Here in Britain, we have long believed that our cherished value of free speech means that intelligent and thinking people can hold reasoned debate about just about any topic and enable all views to be heard, considered and answered. How wrong we were! Of all the world’s political “hot potatoes”, few cause as much polarisation and… Read More ›

The British Vote for Palestinian Statehood – a death sentence on the Palestinian dream?

Guest post by Howard Stern, Co- Founder of the Emmaus Group UK On Monday 13th October 2014 British Parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly to support the recognition of a Palestinian State. Unfortunately, they, like many other European leaders, have failed to comprehend the gravity of such a decision. When Palestinians themselves say they want to live under Israeli… Read More ›

British MPs ‘recognise’ a non-existent state!

Monday’s vote in Britain’s parliament to recognise an as yet non-existent Palestinian state may not change government policy but it sends a negative message way beyond London. This despite the fact that less than half of the House of Commons was present for the debate The vote to recognise “Palestine” will encourage Israel’s detractors (of… Read More ›

Freezing Hamas out of Gaza is the only hope for its future

Attempts to find a lasting negotiated solution to the conflict in Gaza have been teetering on the brink of collapse in Cairo. AP reported Monday that Hamas was rejecting an Egyptian proposal, which did not meet all their demands. Interestingly, however, the two other main Palestinian factions represented at the talks have indicated they might… Read More ›

Update on Op. Protective Edge Monday 4th August

The statistics and information below are from Israel’s London embassy update on Operation Protective Edge and we pass them on to help you have accurate information on the situation.   PM Netanyahu holds security discussion at IDF Southern Command Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday, 4 August 2014), made the following remarks at the conclusion… Read More ›