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Follow up – Stephen Sizer “temporarily unavailable”!

February 13, 2015

So says the website of Rev Stephen Sizer, whose bishop states that his “strong but undisciplined commitment to an anti-zionist agenda has become a liability to his own ministry and that of the wider church.” His sins have led finally to him being severely disciplined by his own church. Rev Sizer has been in hot… Read More ›

Be careful what you link to!

The pleasant and rather up-market town of Virginia Water in South-West London must have wondered what was going on this week as it was invaded by live-broadcast satellite TV vans and their accompanying film crews and reporters. As random worthy citizens of Virginia Water were interviewed it came to light that it was their vicar, Rev… Read More ›

A Christian at Auschwitz

A week after the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we publish this guest blog post by Howard Stern of Emmaus Group. My first view of snow-covered Poland was out of the plane window on its descent into Krakow airport. A cold white landscape hid what lay beneath the fields and woods surrounding Auschwitz-Birkenau:… Read More ›

The ignorant bigotry of Palestine “supporters” in Britain

Here in Britain, we have long believed that our cherished value of free speech means that intelligent and thinking people can hold reasoned debate about just about any topic and enable all views to be heard, considered and answered. How wrong we were! Of all the world’s political “hot potatoes”, few cause as much polarisation and… Read More ›

Christian event confronts the holocaust with a heroic film

Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked each year on the anniversary (27th January) of the relief of Auschwitz in 1945, has become an established part of our calendars in the post-Christmas and New Year weeks. And quite right too. It’s become a hackneyed phrase, but it is right that we don’t forget the worst atrocity carried out… Read More ›

Charities abuse Christmas to demonise Israel

Cross-posted from The Commentator, with permission. This is a “must-read and share as widely as possible”. You could also write to the culprits below to complain about this sordid politicising of one of Christianity’s most important feasts! Robin Shepherd writes…

The British Church and Israel – a love/hate relationship

I wrote recently about a major British historical denomination consulting the wider church on whether it should continue to boycott Israeli settlement produce, something it resolved to do in 2010. Three days later I sat in a university lecture hall in London at a joint Christian/Jewish “Night to Honour Israel”, led by the Zionist Federation… Read More ›

Calling Britain to Her Knees

This is a guest post by journalist Amanda Ruth Thomas. As a Brit myself, and one who is not Jewish but who has lived and worked in the Jewish State, it pains me to say that a real arrogance has characterised our treatment of Israel throughout history, but especially while carrying out our Mandate for… Read More ›

Christian NGOs and Israel

A few days ago, the Commentator published an article by me (text below) on the reasons why so many Christian organisations working in the Middle East are hostile towards Israel. There are a good number of excellent pro-Israel organisations, who seek to serve both sides of the divide in Israel and who successfully keep a non-political stance…. Read More ›

Habima at the Globe

Having already done a piece for The Commentator as immediate news, I thought I would let the dust settle and see what else was said and done before blogging on the performance by Habima at Shakespeare’s Globe theater here in London. Firstly, the Globe Theatre is to be complimented for going ahead with their invitation… Read More ›