Asking questions, bringing balance, confronting predjudice

About CMEW

Few international political issues are as sensitive or emotive as the Middle East, and none more so than the seemingly intractable conflict between Israel and her Palestinian Arab neighbours. Significant and wide-ranging decisions and statements are made on the basis of emotion and rhetoric rather than on cold facts and historical truth. Where are the voices stating facts and bringing objective truth to the discussion, upon which sound political decisions and properly informed opinion can be based?

Christian Middle East Watch (CMEW) is such a voice. We are a Christian organisation supported by groups representing some 30,000 British Christians who want to see Israel and the Middle East fairly represented in the life of our nation. We are committed to presenting accurate and factual information on the Middle East situation and particularly on the Israel/Palestinian Arab dispute. 

In Britain today there has been an increase in antisemitism and unprecedented hostility against the nation of Israel, largely because of ignorance and a lack of historical understanding of the current conflict in the Middle East.

  • We seek to bring understanding, balance, comment and analysis on the Middle-East into the political arena, the media and the public domain.

  • We highlight the role of Britain in the Middle-East in recent history and the consequences of its stewardship of the region during the 20th century.

  • We confront antisemitism in Britain in all its various forms.

  • We promote the positive social, moral and political values and achievements of the State of Israel, which are of such benefit to the rest of the world beyond the Middle East

How are we planning to do all this?

CMEW Info brochureWe have adopted five major campaigning themes that concern Britain and which are key to the ongoing Israel/Palestinian Arab struggle. We have produced an information leaflet on each theme and our website contains longer articles and other information.

You can download an electronic version of our general information brochure by clicking the image on the left (9.7mb).

You’ll get used to seeing our five-part icon (on the right here), representing our five strategic themes: The Delegitimisation of Israel, Antisemitism, Incitement & Hate Education, The BDS Campaign and Israel’s Achievements and Values.

Our strategy to make an impact in Britain includes…

  • Seminars, briefings and conferences for parliamentarians and the media

  • Printed and electronic literature that is balanced, factual and bold

  • Active campaigns to combat boycotts, divestment and sanctions through local activism, letter-writing campaigns and face-to-face meetings at a local level.

  • Informed and factual information at an academic level on our website, which is freely accessible for copying and redistribution.

  • Lobbying and building relationships with politicians, academics, church leaders an others to influence and change negative or misinformed mindsets concerning Israel and the Middle East.

As Christian Middle East Watch develops, our website will become a source of valuable, factual material on the Middle East, accessible by both professionals and anyone seeking to discover the truth behind conflicting headlines, statements and speeches that appear on our TVs, newspapers and laptop screens.

Visit us at, where you can join our supporters’ mailing list for further information and updates.

Christian Middle East Watch Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, No. 7088525


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