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CMEW site will close

Christian Middle East Watch started from a desire to influence the media in Britain away from the common anti-Israel bias we so often see. Unfortunately, we were unable over several years to obtain sufficient people or finances to grow and become more influencial. As a result, the founders found that they just could not handle the workload needed to bring about growth.

We stopped actively operating a couple of years ago and now we will be running down the website, which will close with the next domain renewal date. Additionally we will shortly be closing our social media accounts.

Thank you to everyone who followed us and contributed in response to our articles. We continue to work in different ways against media bias and anti-semitism.

Best wishes and God bless,

The CMEW team.


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  1. So sorry to learn of this site closing. In the last 8 years I never even knew there was a Christian Middle East Watch website. Sad reflection on mainline denominations that have allowed CMEW to cease.

    • Hi, thanks for your thoughts on our closure. There are actually a lot more organisations fighting back against media bias concerning Israel, but very few Christian ones unfortunately. Still we battle on in other ways!

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