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Islamic State reaches Jerusalem!

ISIS leaflet jerusalem 0615News stories were breaking this week that a group linked to Islamic State (IS) had begun distributing anti-Christian leaflets in the east of Jerusalem. I have been sent a copy of the original leaflet and an English translation by a local man from Jerusalem. Here is the translation…

“Our people, Muslims, we salute your resistance and your jihad and we ask you to report the location of Christians living among you and who are working clients for the zionists and the west and their traitorous associations that work to spread debauchery and secularism and keep Muslims away from their religion.

“Islamic state knows where they live, most of these Christians, and they have been spotted but not all of them and strike forces – swords also arm group (sic) – will work to cleanse the Islamic neighbourhoods of these Christians during the holy month of Ramadan making them completely clean by Eid al-fitr. We will begin with neighbourhoods of Beit Hanina then Shu’fat then move to the rest of the neighbourhoods in order to get to the Old City and Resurrection Church to purify it from those who betrayed the age era (sic). 

“Tell the Christians heathens you must leave immediately or you will get murdered like sheep with the preeminence of Eid -el fitr; one month is more than enough time to leave.”

Apologies for the sometimes rough translation. I cannot reveal the name of the translator for obvious reasons.

Feel free to distribute the translation – it is important that that the world realises that yet another threat is visiting the Christian community in the only Middle East state that has true religious freedom: Israel.

Christians, pray for protection for those fellow-Christians living in Jerusalem, especially the Old City, and especially those who have converted from Islam.


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