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Pro-Israel Gaza Rally in London

london200714A week ago, a supposedly pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris turned nasty when Jews were attacked and local synagogues threatened. Yesterday (July 19th) there was a similar demonstration in London with about 10-15,000 participants in what was called by The Spectator “…a disgusting anti-semitic spectacle”. Today, Britain’s Jewish community held its own rally, organised by the Zionist Federation in Kensington High Street close to the Israeli embassy.

A “pro-Palestinian” rally held in the same street on 11th July was marked by yobbish behaviour and anti-semitic slogans, a bus was “occupied” by protestors and the holocaust was mocked. In contrast, today’s pro-Israel rally was marked by enthusiastic singing and well-behaved crowds as several thousand people demonstrated on behalf of Israel’s right to defend itself against the vicious and continual rocket fire from Gaza. Below are some photos from the rally, during which the crowds were subjected to a mock rocket attack siren and could see what one of Hamas’ missiles looks like.


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