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A problem for Israel boycotters – stop drinking water!

Mapal Green EnergyBritain’s largest water provider, United Utilities, has just signed a contract with Israel’s Mapal Green Energy, a start-up that purifies waste water more efficiently than other methods and uses less energy in the process.

United Utilities is the third major British water company to sign with Mapal. In a Times of Israel article, a Mapal spokesman said,

“Within several months we have signed three contracts with the biggest water companies in the UK. In addition to the current installation, Mapal has provided its technological solutions to Anglian Water, supplying around 6 million homes, and Thames Water supplying around 14 million customers in the London area,”

The United Utilities contract will supply Mapal-purified water to some 7 million homes in the North-West of England, bringing the total number of homes served by the Mapal process to around 27 million! Details of the Mapal process and its advantages are in the same Times of Israel article.

This latest British signing for an Israeli company is great news and will benefit both Britain and Israel. Of course, it causes a big problem for any Israel-boycotters living in London, East Anglia or the North West of England. How can they promote a boycott of a company that would mean telling people to stop drinking water?!

Once again, the gallant warriors of the BDS campaign are caught in their own net! Just as they should really stop using their mobile ‘phones and many modern medical advances available in British hospitals thanks to Israeli companies, now they should stop drinking water – that is, if they really believe their own rhetoric!

Anyone for a glass of unpurified waste water?! Yuck!




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