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Peace and justice at any price?

Guest post by journalist Amanda Ruth Thomas.

CMEW-LENSMy housemate really loves God. She is a passionate Christian who genuinely cares for people. She is also incredibly teachable. Told by a Christian charity that by buying their Christmas cards, she will be helping to bring justice to the Middle East, this compassionate 20-something has no reason to believe otherwise. But this Christian mask of justice is cloaking a deception.

Having looked at the website of the group in question, I do not wish to ‘name and shame’. This is not the point. But I think it tragic that well-meaning Christians, who seek to do the will of God, can be led astray so easily because of heart-tugging language. 

So that you and yours can be on your guard, I will point out the fallacy.

‘Seeking reconciliation for the Middle East through peaceful means’, sounds like a reasonable goal. But at who’s expense? Caring and providing for vulnerable Palestinian children is of course a valuable outreach, especially when each and every child is so precious to God. But again, the aims of such charities are not taken to their logical conclusion.

Should Israel be required and pressured to retreat back to her pre-1967 borders (as advocated by this particular charity’s chief), her population would be exposed to terror from every side. As it is, the children of Sderot and Kfar Aza, living close to the Gaza border, are living under the constant threat of rocket attacks. Many are traumatised and in desperate need of treatment.

Additionally, thousands of Palestinians are paid excellent wages to work in West Bank settlements alongside Jewish Israelis. This would cease the moment a Palestinian state becomes a reality under the vaunted “two state solution”, something Christian pro-Palestinian charities never tell you.

 Just because a UN resolution demands that Israel shrinks down to a geographically suicidal size, Christians who uphold the Bible should not be pressured into an ungodly stance, however politically correct.

Against the odds, Israel won the Six-Day war fairly in 1967 and took back ancient biblical territory which was not the sovereign possession of any nation state. Between 1948 and 1967, the West Bank and East Jerusalem had been illegally occupied by Jordan. How is occupation by Jordan, when religious and civil liberties were ignored, better than the control of a sovereign democracy that gives full religious and civil rights to all of its citizens (including Arabs)?

Peace and justice are worthy aims, but Christian charities must get a hold of what the Bible says about Jerusalem and the rest of the Land of Israel. The Old Testament prophets are quite clear that the whole of the country, given by an everlasting covenant to the Jewish people, must be held by Jews in order for the Messiah to return. Jesus confirms this when He says, “Jerusalem will be trampled upon by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled” (Luke 21:24, the New Testament).

Peace and justice cannot be won at the expense of the unfailing Word of God.


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  1. Only this morning I had an experience that mirrored this. Thank you for exposing it Amanda

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