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July 4th – Anniversary of the Entebbe hostages rescue by Israel

entebbe_headlineMagnificent 1976 achievement by IDF on July 4, 1976, over 2,500 mile/4,000 kms from home – on the 200th anniversary of the 1776  US Declaration of Independence.

260 people were on the Air France jet, hijacked on June 27

148  people,  all of them non-Jews,  [ 11 crew & 137 passengers ] were  released by  the PFLP + German terrorist gang, but 112 = all 92  Israeli passengers and 19 other Jews + the  Air France Capt,  were held hostage at Entebbe Airport, near the Ugandan capital of Kampala

4 Jews were murdered [ one, ira Bloch, 75, in hospital by Ugandan military on the orders of the dictator Idi Amin who was himself  involved in the terrorist plot ], and 10 injured.

All 7 terrorist hijackers were killed and 45 Ugandan troops, and many MIG jets of the Ugandan Air Force  were destroyed on the ground

Kenya had assisted the rescue operation, and in revenge Amin had hundreds of Kenyans massacred in Uganda.

Kenya has also been subsequently targeted by Jihadi bombers

Sadly the Sayeret Matkal CO, LTC Yoni Netanyahu, 30, was  also killed – his 2 younger brothers, Bibi, now PM, and Iddo, also served in the Sayeret Matkal.

The above information curtesy of Tom Carew, Chair of the Ireland-Israel Friendship League.

Follow this link for another good piece on the anniversary.


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