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Israeli Government Report on PA Incitement

incite_100The cabinet of Bibi Netanyahu was recently (Dec 2nd) presented with a detailed report on PA incitement against Israel and Israelis in the form of a Powerpoint presentation. This was released and we are pleased to be able to show it to you here. It demonstrates that the PA as an official policy is teaching its people three things:

  1. The whole of what is now Israel, “from the river to the sea”, is part of “Palestine”.
  2. The demonisation of Jews and Israelis
  3. All forms of struggle – including terrorist acts – are legitimate forms of opposition to Israel

The international community expects Israel’s government to make concessions and talk peace to the PA, who are clearly demonstrating that they do not want peace. The international community should instead be pressuring and penalising the PA for refusing to sit down and negotiate with Israel without pre-conditions. Anyway, enough already! On to the show…


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