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Don’t you just love it? New Israeli Passport stamp for “Judea and Samaria”!

As exposed by one of the most virulently anti-Israel groups out there…

Within the last couple of days, Israel appears to have changed their passport entry stamp for people entering the “West Bank”. Under Oslo, the entry stamp says that the person is restricted to “Palestinian Authority Only”. The entry stamp now apparently says, “Judea and Samaria Only”! Well, the Palestinian Authority was a construct of the Oslo Accords of the mid-90s and since Mahmoud Abbas has clearly broken the Accords by applying to the UN for “Observer State” status (and getting it), Israel is entitled to revert to pre-Oslo things – like more settlements, reviving the controversial E1 planning zone etc (see other blog posts about this).

Here are images of the old and new passport stamps, as published by “Electronic Intifada” (name of passport holder removed)..

new stamp

The new Israeli entry stamp, “Judea and Samaria only”!


old stamp

The old entry stamp, “Palestinian Authority only”


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