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New Report Reveals PA Salaries Paid to Terrorists from British Aid

A new report from Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reveals that the PA has passed a law that pays a salary to all terrorists convicted and imprisoned in Israel on a sliding scale according to how long they have served.

PMW ( gives exhaustive examples in the report of not only salaries being paid to terrorists, but of the glorification of past terror acts and the perpetrators. The organisation, acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on PA output in Arabic, has already published vast quantities of documents revealing official PA incitement of its own people to violence and murder against Israeli and the material shown to children through schoolbooks, TV programmes, sports events and other methods that causes them to grow up to desire war and death in Jihad against Israel in preference to peace.

Most significantly, however, the PMW report shows how overseas aid, including from Britain, is contributing to the official PA salaries to terrorists. The Department for International Development claims that “credible studies” have shown no sign of incitement against Israel, but volumes of evidence produced by PMW reveal the opposite; that the PA do not desire peace with Israel but only her destruction and Britain is among those countries inadvertantly assisting them with millions of pounds of aid each year.

You can download a copy of the PMW report here.


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