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New Publication – Palestinian Incitement and Hate Eucation

View Brochure on Incitement & Hate EducationCMEW has just produced a compact 8-page publication dealing with Palestinian incitement and hate education.

As the PA push ahead with their plans for recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN, our brochure explains why this is such an important issue for us in Britain. We show you powerful visual evidence of the way the Palestinian leadership is constantly poisoning its children against Jewish people and Israel, making long-term peace a virtual impossiblity.

We also draw lessons from the experience of politicians in Northern Ireland and ask why the British Government is pouring millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money each year into the PA’s coffers while they are behaving in this way.

You can see the brochure electronically here (best viewed with your browser at “Full Screen”). You can also order multiple copies for your group, church or organisation’s use. Email us for prices.


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