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Maybe People Are Taking Notice At Last

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) issues frequent bulletins and reports on various aspects of the vitriol that pours from official Palestinian sources. Here in the UK, the Taxpayers’ Alliance has faithfully publicised the issue of British taxpayers’ money being sent as ‘aid’ to prop up the Palestinian Authority’s budget. Our MPs need to take note of the behaviour of a regime we expect Israel to make peace with and which wants international recognition as a state (even though they aren’t one). One of PMW’s latest reports draws attention to international aid being paid to terrorist prisoners and their families as salaries! This is beside the long-standing expenditure of aid money on incitement against Israel; teaching children and teenagers to hate and murder Jewish people.

In today’s Daily Mail and Mail Online, Matthew Kalman reports on MP Phillip Davies anger at British money being wasted in this way, calling our payments of millions of pounds to the PA as ‘ludicrous’.

CMEW hopes that many more MPs will take note of this gross misuse of our money, especially in a time of economic hardship. Our seminar in September at the house of Commons will reinforce this message to our elected leaders, so if you want to encourage your MP to attend on 13th September email us for a copy of our invitation, which is open to all MPs and peers.

You can read the Daily Mail article on the Mail Online, here.


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