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CMEW Parliamentary Seminar

We have organised a seminar for MPs and peers at the House of Commons on Tuesday September 13th with the title “Are The Palestinians Ready For Statehood?” The date we have chosen is the official opening date for the next UN General Assembly and during the session the Palestinian Authority is expected to ask for UN recognition for a Palestinian state within the so-called ‘1967 borders’.

The British Government supports the concept of ‘two states for two people’: Israel and a Palestinian state living side-by-side within defensible and agreed borders. The Palestinian leadership, however, continues to sponsor incitement against Israel and Jewish people and to teach its children the ‘blessings’ of being a suicide terrorist bomber, dying to kill Israelis.

We are holding the seminar to draw attention to the fact that British taxpayers’ money is being sent to support the Palestinian budget with no accountability or conditions on how the money is to be spent. Thus, Britain is unintentionally helping the Palestinians to continue their campaign of demonisation and incitement to murder while pressuring Israel to make yet more concessions in the name of peace.

The seminar is not open to the public as we do not have the space, but if you would like to encourage your MP to attend, email us at for a copy of the invitation.

We will post more details about the seminar and the speakers later this month.


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  1. The land belongs to Israel the chosen people of God.

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