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BBC’s Knell turns planned mixed Jerusalem neighbourhood into ‘Jewish settlement’

October 19, 2014 • The Peace Process

BBC’s Knell turns planned mixed Jerusalem neighbourhood into ‘Jewish settlement’.

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The British Vote for Palestinian Statehood – a death sentence on the Palestinian dream?

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Guest post by Howard Stern, Co- Founder of the Emmaus Group UK On Monday 13th October 2014 British Parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly to support the recognition of a Palestinian State. Unfortunately, they, like many other European leaders, have failed to comprehend the gravity of such a decision. When Palestinians themselves say they want to live under Israeli… Read More ›

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A problem for Israel boycotters – stop drinking water!

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Britain’s largest water provider, United Utilities, has just signed a contract with Israel’s Mapal Green Energy, a start-up that purifies waste water more efficiently than other methods and uses less energy in the process. United Utilities is the third major British water company to sign with Mapal. In a Times of Israel article, a Mapal… Read More ›

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Terror Leader’s Daughter: Time to Stop the Lies Against the Jews

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By David Lazarus (reproduced unaltered with permission from Israel Today Magazine, Jerusalem) Nonie Darwish is the daughter of Mustafa Hafez, former head of intelligence in Gaza when Egypt was in control of the coastal enclave. During this time, Hafez founded the Fedayeen, the original terrorist group that launched raids across Israel’s southern border between 1951… Read More ›

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Charities abuse Christmas to demonise Israel

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Cross-posted from The Commentator, with permission. This is a “must-read and share as widely as possible”. You could also write to the culprits below to complain about this sordid politicising of one of Christianity’s most important feasts! Robin Shepherd writes…

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Just so you know what to boycott – or buycott!

(0) Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh feeding Israeli yoghurt to a Gazan boy!

The latest (August) monthly 40+ item list of achievements and progress coming out of Israel. Thanks to ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Israelis beat the flu virus.  (Thanks to Israel21c)  Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that flu viruses (including deadly strains) use the protein neuraminidase to disable the body’s natural killer (NK) cells. … Read More ›

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Christian event confronts the holocaust with a heroic film

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Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked each year on the anniversary (27th January) of the relief of Auschwitz in 1945, has become an established part of our calendars in the post-Christmas and New Year weeks. And quite right too. It’s become a hackneyed phrase, but it is right that we don’t forget the worst atrocity carried out… Read More ›

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Visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land

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The visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories by Pope Francis this weekend was historic for many reasons. Sadly some of them are negative. Francis, the Roman Catholic Church’s first non-European Pope for over 1,200 years, has shown himself to be a truly humble and spiritual man. From his refusal to start his “reign” in… Read More ›


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